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TheChat: Jeb Bush takes another step as he gears up for 2016

Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush AP

Ready for the new year? It’s here.

▪ “A natural next step.” — Jeb Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell on Bush’s decision to resign all board memberships as he gears up for a 2016 presidential run.

The resignations do not include his business consulting company, Jeb Bush and Associates, and Britton Hill Holdings, a Florida-based private equity and business advisory group. Critics have said his ongoing private equity work could leave him open to some of the same criticism that dogged Mitt Romney in 2012.

▪ “Given that many legislators can’t walk half a block in Jefferson City without taking a gift, it would be peculiar if the gravy train somehow stopped while they were partying in Vegas with three lobbyists.” — Cameron Sullivan, research director for the liberal group Progress Missouri, speaking about a trip that incoming state Sen. Bob Onder took to Las Vegas in September with eight other lawmakers.

The trip raised some eyebrows because the trip resulted in no significant gifts reported to the Missouri Ethics Commission. The relationship between legislators and lawmakers can never be scrutinized enough.

▪ “People united will never be defeated!” — one of the chants from protestors during a gathering at St. Louis Police headquarters on the final day of 2014.

Police were forced to use pepper spray during the sometimes tense standoff in which protestors shut down traffic and threatened to stage a sit-in. The protest movement in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown continues with unusual vigor.

▪ “Democrats have chosen to focus on issues that the liberal base of the party really likes, but the working-class person in West Virginia or Arkansas or Louisiana or Alaska doesn’t necessarily identify with.” — political analyst Charlie Cook on the Democratic Party’s own demographic vulnerability.

Pundits paid plenty of notice to the GOP’s problems with the growing segment of non-white voters in this country. Turns out that Democrats have their own problems with working-class white voters.