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TheChat: Bernie Sanders is feeling newly confident


Good morning.

▪ “I don’t want to get Secretary Clinton nervous, but I think we’re going to win here in Iowa.” — Bernie Sanders on his prospects in the state that holds the nation’s first major presidential test.

Sanders is aiming for a big upset in Iowa’s caucuses. To do that, the campaign has assembled 100 paid staffers and trained volunteers for each one of the state’s 1,681 caucus precinct sites. An Iowa win would have a major impact on the Democratic race as Sanders could also win New Hampshire. That would give Hillary Clinton an 0-2 start.

▪ “It’s been a hot issue all summer long, and I don’t see that stopping.” — Missouri state Rep. David Wood, a Versailles Republican, on the ongoing controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood.

Exactly where lawmakers wind up on this issue in the 2016 session remains to be seen. But for now, a federal judge has stopped efforts to revoke the abortion license of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Columbia in the wake of the selling-of-body-parts controversy. Given that it’s an election year, and lawmakers will be posturing for voters back home, expect more high-profile efforts to undermine Planned Parenthood. (link via

▪ “They need to live by the same rules as the public.” — Democratic lawyer Brad Ketcher on his call to penalize lawmakers for sexual harassment and require that legislators fall under the provisions of the open-government Sunshine Law.

Ketcher, a former aide to Gov. Mel Carnahan, has filed nearly three dozen initiatives to change the way Missouri government operates. Among his other proposals are calls to change the campaign finance system and create a nonpartisan office to draw legislative districts each decade. As legislators remain reluctant to reform the way they do business, private citizens like Ketcher are seeking to end-run the process through the filing of initiatives. But they remain difficult to get on the ballot and pass.

▪ “Ted Cruz is trying to step up his whole game on amnesty and on illegal immigration because it was actually quite weak.” — Donald Trump on the Texas senator’s immigration policy.

Trump is accusing Cruz of copying his call for an impenetrable wall on the southern border in a sign that Trump is starting to take swipes at Cruz. The two remain atop national polls.