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Roberts racks up another endorsement

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts on Tuesday picked up the backing of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste.

Roberts, a Republican trying to fend off a primary challenge from tea partier Milton Wolf, was hailed as a “Taxpayer Hero” by the group for his work to cut wasteful spending and cut taxes.

By itself, the CCAGW endorsement isn’t a game changer. But at this point in the campaign, Roberts is starting to compile a lengthy list of conservative groups who have rallied to his cause.

Among them:

Kansans for Life, the NRA, the Kansas Farm Bureau, the American Conservative Union, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business.

Together, the backing of these groups should help Roberts blunt a late-campaign blitz from Wolf, which could be augmented by outside tea party groups, especially if conservative firebrand Chris McDaniel succeeds in knocking off Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran this month.

Bolstered by a McDaniel win, those outside groups may well train their sights on Kansas and Roberts in the primary campaign’s home stretch.

Some groups — Kansans for Life, the Farm Bureau and the NRA — will put boots on the ground on Roberts’ behalf.