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TheChat: Jean Peters Baker looks at the reality of Missouri’s gun culture

Jean Peters Baker
Jean Peters Baker

‘Twas the morning/day/night before Christmas, and all through the blogosphere, politicians kept talking, pontificating and non-stop yakking.

▪ “This is our reality.” — Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker pointing to Facebook pictures of young men posing with guns. The men were under investigation by her office for gun-related crimes.

The New York Times sought to answer a pressing question: Does allowing people to more easily obtain guns make society safer or more dangerous? The Times came to Kansas City and Missouri to answer that question and examine a new study that focused on the state.

▪ “Gunfights on the quadrangle will not solve problems.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, saying allowing guns on college campuses is misguided policy.

Nixon, however, stopped short of saying he’d veto legislation that would end a campus gun prohibition.

▪ “I would never kill them, but I do hate them.” — Donald Trump on journalists.

“She got schlonged.” — Trump referring to Hillary Clinton’s loss to Barack Obama in the 2008 primaries.

The latest from you-know-who.

▪ “I certainly think it is a victory for the Kansas Open Records Act.” — media attorney Nathaniel Berg on a Shawnee County court ruling that said Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback can’t withhold the names of applicants to the Saline County Commission.

The ruling suggests that the names of applicants are just as important as the person picked. That allows residents to better judge the person selected on the merits, said Kansas Press Association director Doug Anstaett.