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A Jeff Roe flip-flop: He now praises Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp


Jeff Roe, the Kansas City-based Republican political consultant, has long been a thorn in the side of Kansas GOP Congressman Tim Huelskamp.

Roe’s Axiom Strategies has worked to oust Huelskamp from his First District seat in western Kansas.

The tension apparently came to a head last month when Ted Cruz, the conservative presidential candidate who hired Roe as his campaign manager, was confronted during a meeting with Republicans at the Capitol Hill Club.

An Arizona congressman, Paul Gosar, asked why Cruz’s campaign manager was working to unseat Huelskamp, who is a conservative Freedom Caucus member.

The question was timely because Cruz was trying to draw Huelskamp to his campaign.

Gosar’s aggressiveness appears to have had an impact.

On Wednesday, Huelskamp released a letter from Roe in which the consultant declared that his firm and the “Now or Never PAC” that it consulted for would no longer run attack ads against Huelskamp as it did in the 2014 GOP primary.

In the letter, Roe praised Huelskamp for his “principled, conservative leadership in Washington and strong work on behalf of Kansans in the Big First District.”

Huelskamp said in the 2014 primary, Roe and Axiom Strategies ran a $250,000 last-minute TV ad and direct mail campaign attacking him.

Said Huelskamp in a statement:

“Instead of worrying about last-minute, unfounded attacks, I can focus on fighting back against the destructive Obama agenda. The EPA wants to regulate every drop of water and drive up our energy costs. Our borders are insecure, and Obama wants to let in Syrian refugees without screening them for terrorists. His only response to ISIS is to threaten our Second Amendment rights.

“And while ObamaCare continues to strangle our small businesses, more Kansans are losing the health care coverage they like while paying dramatically higher premiums and deductibles.”

Last week, Huelskamp was elected to the Republican Steering Committee that makes House committee assignments.

No word on whether Huelskamp now plans to endorse Cruz.