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TheChat: Mike Pompeo frets about Iran’s nuclear activities


Good morning.

▪ “Iran has a history of cheating and lying about its nuclear weapons program, and recent IAEA reports prove that nothing has changed.” — Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo on what he calls Iran’s failures to uphold the commitments it made in its nuclear agreement.

Pompeo, a Republican from Wichita, said Iran has failed to come clean about its program. He’s sent a letter to Ambassador Henry Ensher who represents the U.S. on the International Atomic Energy Agency urging him to oppose any move to reduce sanctions without a detailed report on Iran’s nuclear weapons activity.

▪ “This town hall really showcased the strength and depth of the emotion from Kansans standing against the transferring of dangerous detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Ft. Leavenworth.” — Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins following a town hall meeting last week in Leavenworth on the possibility that the Obama administration will transfer Gitmo prisoners to the city.

Leavenworth residents said they feared for their safety and for their property values should the president send prisoners there. Said Jenkins: Gitmo is the appropriate place to house Jihadists and “not on American soil.”

▪ “You've gotta give these folks credit for their chutzpah.” — President Barack Obama in a fundraising appeal commenting on Republicans voting — yet again — to repeal Obamacare.

That’s a bill the GOP knew “I would veto as soon as it landed on my desk,” Obama said. The Affordable Care Act is working, he wrote. “Right now, my veto is the only thing blocking Republicans from enacting an agenda that would move the country backwards and undo what we've achieved together.”

▪ “I don’t think we can trust them with a new source of data on donors.” — Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts, a Republican, saying he’s introduced a bill to block a proposed IRS regulation that would require donors of more than $250 to any charitable group to include additional personal information including their Social Security number.

The IRS says the proposed change would be optional. But conservatives fear the move would be a precursor to a permanent rule change.

▪ “I’m going to defend our civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, voting rights, workers rights.” — Hillary Clinton at a St. Louis union hall campaign rally.

Her address had been billed as a policy speech. But instead, Clinton served some red meat to the hundreds in attendance in a sign that she’s beginning work on firing up her base.