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Kansas Republicans and GOP presidential candidates slam Obama’s speech


Republicans widely panned President Barack Obama’s prime-time speech from the Oval Office Sunday night.

Kansas lawmakers as well as GOP presidential candidates slammed the address as misguided and simply not enough.

Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins of Topeka:

“The president can talk about creating a plan to get tough on terror, but empty words are not the answer. President Obama continues to avoid confronting radical Islamic terrorism head-on, failing to provide a strategy long after it was due. The safety and security of Americans must be more than a concern, it must be a foremost priority. President Obama must act now to swiftly reverse the tide of terrorism swelling around the world, and ensure America leads the charge forward to bring an end to ISIS, once and for all.”

Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo of Wichita:

“Tonight, President Obama focused more on fighting Republicans and taking away Americans’ Second Amendment rights than fighting terrorism. Instead of tackling this problem head on, the president continues his pursuit of misguided policies, including his radical climate change agenda. His lead from behind strategy and disregard for the threat that ISIS and radical Islamic extremism presents put our country in danger. The president’s call for an Authorization of Military Force is a farce masquerading as an excuse for his lack of strategy to fight this war.”

Jeb Bush:

“President Obama has finally been forced to abandon the political fantasy he has perpetuated for years that the threat of terrorism was receding. We need to remove the self-imposed constraints President Obama has placed on our intelligence community and military, and we need to put in place an aggressive strategy to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism as I have proposed. Unfortunately, neither he nor Hillary Clinton has the resolve to put in place such a strategy.

“This is the war of our time. It should not be business as usual. We need a war-time Commander-in-Chief who is ready to lead this country and the free world to victory.”

Rand Paul:

“The president tonight continued his failure of leadership and his outrageous quest to turn a necessary discussion on terrorism and national security into an unnecessary and ineffective gun control debate. Let me be clear: disarming more law-abiding citizens will not stop mass murderers and terrorists. We should be advocating for more concealed carry ability for law-abiding Americans and an end to unconstitutional gun-free zones.”

John Kasich:

“The President's strategy is not enough. Without taking the fight to ISIS on the ground, ISIS won’t be defeated. Since February I’ve been calling for a coalition to do that. We must stop delaying and do it. We delayed in helping the Syrian rebels and look where it got us, and when we decided to act it was too little. Bolder action across the board is needed because our way of life is what’s at stake.”