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Missouri Dems hammer Schaefer plan to end the E-tax in KC, St. Louis

Two Democrats in the Missouri House have lashed out at state Sen. Kurt Schaefer’s plan to end the earnings tax in Kansas City and St. Louis.

Schaefer pre-filed the bill Monday. Tuesday, at least one important detail emerged: the bill would end the tax after Dec. 31, 2017. It would not be phased out.

Democrats Jake Hummel of St. Louis and Gail McCann Beatty of Kansas City bashed the Schaefer plan with some pretty blunt language Tuesday.

“Kurt Schaefer continues his petulant pattern of vendetta-based governance by filing legislation to forcibly repeal the local earnings taxes in St. Louis and Kansas City in defiance of the will of local voters,” their statement said.

And: “...he is resorting to his usual bullying tactics with his proposal to bankrupt Missouri’s two largest cities by eliminating the funding source that provides more than a third of their budgets. …

“Kansas City and St. Louis residents will not be intimated by Senator Schaefer’s threats and political posturing. But if the senator wants a real fight, he’s about to get one.”

Schaefer is running for attorney general.