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Kansas bill that legalizes refusal to serve same-sex couples could return

This just in from the “overlooked” department:

Remember that intensely controversial bill last year in Kansas that would have allowed employees to deny service to same-sex couples?

Well, it just might be back.

Bryan Lowry of The Wichita Eagle reports that supporters of the idea want to bring it up again now that same-sex couples are marrying in Kansas.

Bill backers want to protect the rights of those Kansans who oppose gay marriage.

The bill, you might recall, passed the House without much trouble. Then, after a barrage of publicity, it stalled in the Senate.

Whether the bill would differ from last year’s version remains to be seen.

State Sen. Steve Fitzgerald, a Leavenworth Republican, said the bill was “just flat misrepresented.” He’s checking with other lawmakers to see if he should re-introduce it again.