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TheChat: Donald Trump extols his SNL ratings


Good morning. Say thanks to a veteran today.

▪ “The number of viewers — I guess it was almost 50 percent higher than opening night, which was with Hillary and Miley Cyrus.” — Donald Trump bragging about the ratings “Saturday Night Live” received for his appearance this past weekend.

Too bad the show wasn’t all that funny.

▪ “Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here.” — a woman identified as Melissa Click, an assistant professor of mass media at the University of Missouri, threatening Mark Schierbecker, a history and German student from Rock Hill, Missouri. Schierbecker, a free speech activist, was monitoring how student protesters were treating reporters Monday at the MU protests.

Click reportedly tried to grab Schierbecker’s camera. She had no comment later Monday, but issued an apology on Tuesday. Click may need a refresher course in First Amendment rights. A LOT of media outlets picked up her comment to Schierbecker, and her actions helped shift the narrative coming out of Columbia from racism to freedom of the press. (link via

▪ “While today may seem bright to some, this is just a beginning ... dismantling systems of oppression in higher education, specifically the UM System.” — Marshall Allen, a member of Concerned Student 1950, outlining the path forward for the movement.

The group outlined two demands: a meeting with MU’s Faculty Council, the Board of Curators and Gov. Jay Nixon and student involvement in the selection of the next UM System president.

▪ “That’s probably high because we increased a lot of taxes for fiscal (year) 2016.” — Chris Courtwright, an economist with the Kansas Legislative Research Department, explaining why Kansas revenue is expected to grow by about 4 percent this year compared to last.

The increase comes despite a slew of not-so-rosy indicators that continue to dog the Kansas economy.