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TheChat: Senators from Missouri and Kansas lavish praise on the Royals


Good morning.

▪ “The Royals reminded all of us that champions never give up.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt.

“Very rarely is greatness achieved without one or two individuals standing out—except now. The Royals turned every sports cliché about team effort into a reality. ‘Keep the line moving, depend on each other, never say die, never give up.’ The 2015 World Series Champions taught this country a lesson in selflessness.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill.

“We didn’t have the big name home run hitters, the big name flamethrower pitchers or a big park made smaller for home run hitters. But, what we did have was a team. Players who kept the line moving.” — Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts.

“Let’s repeat next year.” — Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran.

The senators from Missouri and Kansas spoke Wednesday about the Royals’ World Series championship and introduced a resolution congratulating the team. It passed by unanimous consent.

▪ “We are anticipating having to go to court to get the downtown hotel petition on the ballot.” — Dan Coffey of Citizens for Responsible Government that’s challenging the downtown convention hotel project with a petition initiative intended to take the proposal to the voters.

Developers have already said the petition has delayed the project. Now Coffey is indicating it could be delayed further as a result of a lawsuit, which could linger for months. Coffey is seeking financial support for the upcoming court battle.

▪ “If you watched the debate, you probably came away thinking that the election is about sound bites or fantasy football, or which candidate can interrupt the loudest. I’m here to tell you it is not.” — Jeb Bush emphasizing that he’s more about principle than personality.

Bush is desperately seeking to reset his floundering presidential campaign, and he’s joking about his widely panned participation in the third presidential debate. His “new” campaign isn’t dramatically different from his last. Will it work? And how many resets does any one campaign get? Some say Bush is now on number three.

▪ “I believe in giving people raises when they produce results.” — Missouri GOP gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens at the first Republican forum on whether state workers deserve raises.

Three of his rivals — Peter Kinder, John Brunner and Bob Dixon — took a different stance, saying they back pay bumps now. Catherine Hanaway said she wants to cut the number of state employees. Greitens said he wants results first before he agrees to hand out raises.