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TheChat: Paul Ryan dismisses prospects for immigration reform


It’s Parade Day in downtown KC! Whoppee...

▪ “If we reach consensus on something like border enforcement, interior security, that’s one thing. But I do not believe we should advance comprehensive immigration legislation with a president whose proven himself untrustworthy on this issue.” — House Speaker Paul Ryan on immigration reform.

Republicans are peeved that President Barack Obama tried to change immigration policy via executive order. Sounds like any hope for immigration reform is dead, dead, dead for now.

▪ “I followed the two most popular mayors in the history of Wyandotte County. It doesn’t make for easy sailing.” — Mark Holland, the mayor and CEO of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County.

Holland was speaking at a health forum the other day with the two mayors he was referring to, Carol Marinovich and Joe Reardon, by his side.

▪ “You’re going to see that we’ve got five outstanding candidates, all of whom are really very similar in terms of their issue positions but have a very diverse set of backgrounds and experiences.” — Missouri GOP chairman John Hancock on Tuesday night’s Republican gubernatorial debate.

The forum with five candidates begins at 6:30 p.m. To watch it live, go to

▪ “I’m not going to officially take it off the table at this point.” — budget director Shawn Sullivan on the potential for cuts to school funding as the result of bleak budget prospects facing Kansas.

The cause: another multi-million-dollar budget deficit that’s expected to confront lawmakers in the 2016 session.