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Mirror, mirror on the wall, political ads in which state were the most negative of them all? Say hello, Kansas

Just catching up on some intriguing analysis from around the country.

Writing in The New York Times a few days ago, Lynn Vavreck, a professor of political science at U.C.L.A., concluded that “nearly 80 percent of the ads from Pat Roberts, the incumbent Republican senator, were negative.”

And “all of them were about President Obama.”

Kansas, Vavreck said, “was the most negative race for Senate in the country in the last two weeks of the campaign.”

There you have it — THE most negative.

You can see her piece and a chart here.

Vavreck also concluded that Roberts’ strategy, interestingly enough, may have helped him connect with voters who also were frustrated with President Barack Obama and the country’s direction under him.

“Coming out as someone who is disappointed in the president’s performance in office is just another way that Mr. Roberts conveys that he is `just like you,’” she wrote.