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Rex Sinquefield just keeps on giving and giving to Catherine Hanaway

First, it was a $50,000 check in March.

Then, in October, came a whopper — $750,000 to Missouri GOP gubernatorial candidate Catherine Hanaway from wealthy investor Rex Sinquefield.

And the money keeps on coming.

This month, exactly a week apart, Sinquefield dumped two more checks of $10,000 each into Hanaway’s campaign kitty.

Hard to tell at this point if they gravy train will ever stop.

Hanaway, a former House speaker and the early GOP front-runner for the GOP nomination, took a lot of flak last month for taking such a large check from one donor. Especially critical was an adviser to state Auditor Tom Schweich who also is expected to seek the GOP nod for governor.

“She is now dependent on one man and his self-described ‘political army,’” Adams said in a news release.