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Boehner to resign from Congress

House Speaker John Boehner (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
House Speaker John Boehner (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

John Boehner is out — quitting as Speaker, and resigning from Congress at the end of October.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, MO-05: “I regret the resignation of John Boehner, but I regret more that his Speakership has been marred by the fact that he could not be the leader he sought to be: a leader who understood that strong governance comes with the responsibility to work for the greater good. Unfortunately, he was prevented from doing so because of a small group of Tea-Party members in his conference who equate compromise with capitulation.”

Rep. Kevin Yoder, KS-03: “Speaker Boehner is a good man and I’m thankful for his service and dedication to this country. I respect his decision to step aside and allow the House Republican Conference to elect a new leader so we can move forward together and solve the challenges facing our nation. I wish the best to John, Debbie, and his entire family.”

From Rep. Lynn Jenkins, KS-02 and a member of Boehner’s leadeship team: “Any country that allows the son of a bar owner to rise to be second in line to the President, is a good place. And the man who did just that, is a good man and I wish him well in whatever is next for this newly minted Grandpa Boehner.”

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, KS-01, from William Douglas of McClatchy’s DC Bureau: “I think he read the writing on the wall. That’s one thing John Boehner was good at, reading the writing on the wall. If there was a vote for vacating the chair, he would not have survived unless (Nancy) Pelosi would have helped him survive, which is not a good position to be in as speaker. He was a liability for the Republican party.”

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