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Think you’ve had a rough week? Consider the pollsters who got Tuesday so WRONG

So why were the polls so wrong?

How many reasons you want?

They polled the wrong people.

They inaccurately weighted their findings

They surveyed too many Democrats.

Kansas was prima facia evidence of just how off they were.

Incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts went into the election trailing in the polls by a point or two. He won by 10.

In poll after poll, incumbent Gov. Sam Brownback was coming up short to his Democratic rival, Paul Davis. He won by 4.

Explanations, please?

Here’s what poll guru Nate Silver had to say about it.

Here’s Politico’s take.

Pollsters actually had a pretty good reputation heading into Tuesday night, at least here at The Buzz.

No more. It was an ugly, ugly night for them.