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Orman doesn't dismiss another campaign

Would Greg Orman ever run again for public office?

He didn’t rule that out Tuesday night in an impromptu news conference following his concession speech.

“I don’t want to speculate about that,” Orman said, adding that he owes his wife some time.

Orman rejected the idea of running again as a Republican or Democrat, saying he now considers himself a “life-long” independent.

Orman also revealed that he hopes to visit with Republican Sen. Pat Roberts soon. The two talked about getting together when Orman called Roberts to concede.

“He was very gracious,” Orman said of Roberts. “And Senator Roberts said they were some good ideas that we had in our campaign, and he’d like to talk specifically about some of those. And I take him at his word and would be happy to engage in that discussion.”

Orman said the two didn’t discuss specific issues.

He again said he respected the decision that Kansas voters made. He pointed out that millions of dollars were spent on TV ads in an attempt to define him.

“I've often said I don't think we live in the information age any more as much as the misinformation age.”

He acknowledged that one of the challenges of running as an independent is the lack of a “readily identifiable” set of issues that voters associate with independents.

“So I think it was a challenge, and it was one of our responsibilities as a campaign to go out and define what I stood for. And that’s a challenge when you’re running really against two existing brands where voters have a clear sense for that identification.”