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Latest polling averages have Paul Davis, Greg Orman leading

If you live by the idea that no one poll should be trust completely, and frankly that’s a wise creed to live by, then consider polling averages that Washburn University political scientist Bob Beatty has compiled.

Going into the final weekend of the Kansas campaigns, Beatty calculated that Democrat Paul Davis led Republican Sam Brownback in the race for governor by 4.4 points — 48-43.6 percent.

In the race for the U.S. Senate, independent Greg Orman led Republican Pat Roberts by 45.8 - 43.6 percent, or 2.2 points.

Research of Senate races has shown that candidates polling at 43 percent close to an election have about a 10 percent chance of winning the election.

Then again, Orman’s status as an independent could put the race into a different category. We’ll know Tuesday night.