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Television spending totals $11 million in Kansas governor’s race, report says

A new report estimates television spending on the Kansas governor’s race at nearly $11 million.

The Center for Public Integrity issued a report detailing the groups taking up sides with Republican Gov. Sam Brownback and Democratic challenger Paul Davis, the state legislator from Lawrence.

Overall, the two campaigns and the outside groups have spent an estimated $10.7 million on television through Oct. 27, the report says.

The report details seven groups supporting Brownback with television buys or opposing Davis with ads. Only two were supporting Davis.

Groups coming in to support Brownback included the Republican Governor’s Association, the Alliance for Freedom, the National Rifle Association and the Alliance for a Free Society.

Supporting Davis with television spending was the Kansas Values Institute and the National Education Association.

The report estimates that groups in the Brownback camp have spent about $4.6 million on television spending compared to $2.8 million for Davis. The two campaigns spent about $3.2 million combined, the report says.

The organization’s report only covers television spending and not other types of campaign expenses whether that’s direct mail, polling or canvassing.

The group acknowledges that its conclusions are based on a formula and may not reflect the actual cost of placing the ad.

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