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TheChat: Chris Koster takes on water in wake of Times story

C’mon, folks. Life goes on, World Series championship or not. What a year!

“This puts a chink in what’s supposed to be the invincible armor of Chris Koster.” — Missouri State University political scientist George Connor on the new controversy engulfing Koster, the state’s attorney general and the Democratic front-runner for governor, over whether a lobbyist unduly influenced him on a legal matter.

Koster, a Democrat, is facing questions about the story in the New York Times that made Koster’s actions a focal point. Jo Mannies of St. Louis Public Radio even compared Koster with one of his predecessors, Republican Bill Webster, who was the frontrunner for governor in 1992 until he became embroiled in a controversy over whether he was giving preferential treatment to donors.

“White men who are in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency.” — South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is contemplating a 2016 White House bid, in a private meeting this month.

Whoops! Graham appears to be another victim of a new era in which nothing said in private is really private. The senator is known as a jokester, but this won’t add any fuel to his presidential bid.

“There are times when the only solution to a problem is to look at what the constitution says and to consider changing it.” — Missouri state Rep. Todd Richardson on the flurry of attempts to amend the state Constitution this year.

Jason Rosenbaum of St. Louis Public Radio points out that the current election cycle has featured nine constitutional amendments on the ballot, and that’s more than any time in a decade. (link via

“First Black Guy to Admit He Is the Father.” — the headline on a Facebook post by Cordell Fischer, a Republican running for a House seat in the Topeka area.

The headline was above a picture of Darth Vader, the “Star Wars” character who’s always clad in black. In the film, Vader told Luke Skywalker that he is Skywalker’s father. Fischer, a pastor, apologized for the post.