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Missouri’s Steelman leads effort to block state spending on companies doing business with Iran

Sarah Steelman
Sarah Steelman

One-time U.S. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman of Missouri is helping to lead an effort designed to block the state from investing or doing business with private companies who do business with Iran.

The group — Defund Iran — will attempt to place a state constitutional amendment on the November 2016 ballot in Missouri that would prohibit the use of state tax dollars for any business involved with any declared state sponsor of terrorism, including Iran. Steelman is serving as national chairwoman for the group.

“As State Treasurer I made sure none of our Missouri taxpayer dollars were being invested with any company doing business with Iran,” Steelman said in a statement emailed by the group. “Our organization – Defund Iran – will take this fight to the voters and give them an opportunity to vote to put in their state constitutions the principle that tax dollars should never be invested in or spent with corporations doing business with State Sponsors of Terrorism.”

It doesn’t appear the group will seek petition signatures for the proposed change. Instead, the legislature is likely to enact a proposal putting the amendment on the ballot.

It would then take a simple majority of votes to pass.

Defund Iran says it will target other states, including Kansas, to try and pass similar amendments.

The effort now underway comes as Democrats appear to have rounded up 41 votes in favor of the nuclear deal with Iran. The votes complicate the Senate math — virtually assuring the Congress will fail to reject the deal.

Here’s the Defund Iran video: