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TheChat: Roberts picks up tea party backing

Here we go:

“There is just too much at stake not to support Pat Roberts.” — Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin announcing the group’s backing of Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts.

Roberts, a Republican, is in a tough race against independent Senate candidate Greg Orman and has struggled to win over tea party voters following his primary election race against Milton Wolf. Any backing from tea party groups in the race’s final days is welcome news to Roberts.

“Bring out the scientists.” — Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday demanding that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie defend his decision to implement a mandatory quarantine for those who have treated Ebola patients.

Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo have announced 21-day mandatory quarantine for aid workers returning from West Africa. Warren thinks that amounts to playing politics with the issue and bowing to pressure from worried citizens instead of relying on what science has to say about the need for quarantines.

“That's almost half the districts in the state. They don't usually take positions on this [kind of issue].” — Mike Sherman, a spokesman for Protect Our Schools, which opposes Missouri’s Amendment 3, on the news that 234 of the state’s 520 school districts have passed resolutions opposing the amendment.

Amendment 3 would tie teacher evaluations to student performance and limit teacher contracts to three years. Teachers are fighting the amendment hard even though the group that backed a statewide petition drive to put the issue on the ballot has halted its campaign. (link via

“I believe that come 2016, if the American people are given the choice, they will be ready for a clean break from the Obama agenda or anything like it.” — Texas Gov. Rick Perry hinting at another presidential bid in 2016.

The Republican said the Obama years have been marked by “slow growth, static wages, scarce jobs, an expansion of entitlements and a narrowing of possibilities for the working people of this country.”