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Facebook users 'like' Orman, Brownback in Kansas


Facebook users in Kansas “like” Greg Orman more than Sen. Pat Roberts — but incumbent Gov. Sam Brownback has a slight “like” lead over Paul Davis, the company says.

Orman, an independent, has received 61 percent of in-state constituent “likes,” Facebook says, compared with 38 percent for Republican Roberts.

Brownback leads the “like” category by a narrower margin: 53 percent to 47 percent over Davis.

Facebook users supporting Orman want to talk about foreign policy and fiscal issues, the company found. Roberts’ backers talk about foreign policy and immigration.

Both Republicans exceed their opponents’ share of in-state “mentions” in posts and comments.

The data also include a few “gee whiz” talking points.

Davis voters are fond of the Donut Whole restaurant in Wichita and the Ladybird Diner in Lawrence. Brownback boosters prefer Paul’s Drive In in Kansas City and Saints Pub in Lenexa.

Favorite shops? Brownbackers like Diamond R Jewelry in Hays. Davis’ supports prefer the Lawrence Farmers Market.

The data are not scientific, but they may be important.

All campaigns are relying on social media outreach this election cycle. Engagement with Facebook is one of the key metrics of that effort.