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$3.7 million from GOP governors to re-elect Brownback may be Kansas record

That $3.7 million that the Republican Governors Association has spent to re-elect Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback could be a record.

The spending, between July 25 and Oct. 23, represents the biggest single-source effort in memory, and probably history, in a Kansas gubernatorial race, reports Martin Hawver of Hawver’s Capitol Report.

It’s also close to the $4.2 million that Democrat Paul Davis has raised for his entire campaign and about as much that Brownback’s own campaign has spent, Hawver said.

The RGA is headed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who has visited Kansas three times to campaign for Brownback.

Republicans across the country clearly believe there’s a lot riding on Kansas.

As Dan Balz of The Washington Post reported today:

“If Brownback prevails, his victory will be seen as an endorsement of the Kansas experiment in supply-side economics. If he falls short, Republican governors in other states are likely to take his defeat as a warning about going too far to the right.”

Oh, Balz reported that the overall total of RGA spending in Kansas this year is $4.9 million.