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Pat Roberts, frequently absent for missing hearings, once lectured John Kerry on same issue

Back in 2004, John Kerry was the Democratic presidential nominee.

One issue raised by Republicans: His frequent absences from Senate Intelligence Committee hearings.

One Republican who was out front in criticizing Kerry was Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts, the committee chair.

“Attendance is very, very important,” a finger-waving Roberts said to the camera that year.

Now, as Roberts seeks a fourth Senate term, his attendance has become an issue, and his challenger, independent candidate Greg Orman, is pointing that out.

As KMBC’s Michael Mahoney reports, Roberts attended only 30 of 262 hearings of the Senate Health Committee between 2001-2013. That’s 11 percent.

His attendance record on the Senate Finance Committee? 32 percent.

The Agriculture Committee? 35 percent.

Mahoney reports that Roberts’ campaign is now saying that votes on the Senate floor is what really counts.