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Group of (mostly) conservative JoCo office-holders backs Pat Roberts for re-election

A group of about 60 current and past Johnson County office-holders, most of them conservatives, have endorsed the re-election of Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts.

The announcement of the group’s backing appears to be a response to another group of GOP lawmakers who came out for independent Senate candidate Greg Orman in September.

Among the prominent Republicans backing Roberts are former Congresswoman Jan Meyers, state Sen. Mary Pilcher Cook, Mayors Carl Gerlach and Peggy Dunn, Kansas Board of Regents member Fred Logan, state Rep. Stephanie Clayton and former Attorney General Bob Stephan.

The complete list is below:

Jan Meyers

Molly Baumgardner

Mary Pilcher Cook

Jim & Marearl Denning

Julia Lynn

Jeff Melcher

Robert Olsen

Greg Smith

Kay Wolf

Rob Bruchman

Larry Campbell

Stephanie Clayton

Erin Davis

Willie Dove

Keith Esau

Amanda Grosserode

Brett Hildabrand

Mike Kiegerl

Lance Kinzer

Marvin Kleeb

Jerry Lunn

Craig McPherson

Charles Mecheers

Kelly Meigs

Ray Merrick

John Rubin

Ron Rykman, Jr.

Scott Schwab

Bill Sutton

James Todd

Mike Boehm

Mike Copeland

Peggy Dunn

Carl Gerlach

Brandon Kenig

Anna Dulwicz

Eric Foss

John Nelson

Jim Thornton

Chad Tomme

Dave Anderson

Michael Ashcraft

Shannon Barks

Bob & Sally Bibb

Mary Birch

Brian Brown

Mike Brown

Karin Brownlee

Frank Denning

Shane & Teresa Jones

Michael Kahn

Carol Lehman

Mick Lerner

David Lindstrom

Fred Logan

Greg Musil

Bob Stephan

Ernie & Susan Straub

John Toplikar

Harry Wigner

Larry Winn, III