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TheChat: Aides to Roberts, Orman dishing it out as campaign winds down

Here we go...

“Senator Roberts lives in Virginia, barely visits Kansas, and has failed to show up and do the job in Washington that the people of Kansas are paying him to do.” — Jim Jonas, the campaign manager for independent Kansas Senate candiate Greg Orman, pointing out that Republican Pat Roberts has missed dozens of committee hearings.

“Clearly, liberal billionaires and top Obama donors from around the country know a lot more about the real Greg Orman than he’s been willing to share with the voters of Kansas.” — Roberts for Senate campaign manager Corry Bliss on new filings that apparently show the driving force behind a super PAC funding pro-Orman TV ads is a liberal Texas hedge fund billionaire.

The fur is flying in the final days of the state’s verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry close U.S. Senate race. The themes: Roberts isn’t doing the job voters elected him to do. Orman is a closet backer of all things Barack Obama. Note to voters: Watch all these ads with a high degree of skepticism.

“I'm hoping that we're kind of at the front end of this and that this is a wake-up call for a lot of people because the severity of this can't be written off by saying, `We don't have any (cases) in Missouri.'” — Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer, a Columbia Republican, questioning whether emergency responders in the state have the training to handle a potential Ebola outbreak.

Schaefer and other lawmakers were told that preparations are underway. But the senator was still concerned and criticized the Health and Senior Services Department for what he called a “flippant” response to the crisis. (link via

“We need not be an echo chamber for every regulatory initiative that comes down from the federal government.” — Catherine Hanaway, a 2016 candidate for Missouri governor.

Speaking in St. Louis, the Republican promised to freeze most state regulations and block implementation of many federal ones if she’s elected.

“He is a reasonable man who understands how to solve problems for Kansans, often working on solutions out of the limelight or behind the scenes to deliver results.” — former Kansas Gov. Bill Graves endorsing Roberts for re-election.

Graves is yet another prominent Republican coming to Roberts’ aid in the final days of the 2014 mid-term elections.