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U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo: Jim Slattery is flat wrong on Iran

Pompeo AP

Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo, who now represents the Wichita area in Congress, is engaged in a good, ol’ fashioned debate over the Iranian nuclear pact with a former Kansas congressman, Jim Slattery, who represented the Topeka-Lawrence 2nd District from 1983-1995.

Slattery, a Democrat, has been speaking around Kansas of late touting the pact as a step forward for world security. Also supporting the deal is former Kansas Republican Sen. Nancy Kassebaum.

But Pompeo, a Republican, calls Slattery “tragically naive” and said the former House member should apologize for suggesting that GOP opposition of the deal is based on winning the American Jewish vote and that community’s campaign donations.

Israel vehemently opposes the proposed pact.

That idea, Pompeo said, “is disgusting” and “borderline anti-Semitic.”

Here’s Pompeo’s statement:

“Congressman Slattery is a good man, but he is tragically naïve for supporting the Iranian nuclear deal. The deal provides tens of billions of dollars for the Islamic Republic to expand its terror regime. Rep. Slattery places his hopes for this ‘historic opportunity’ in Iranian goodwill – but they are already cheating even before the deal is signed. Rep. Slattery says we ‘can’t let perfection be the enemy of the good,’ but the truth is that President Obama didn’t get ‘good’ in this deal, he simply surrendered to the Ayatollahs.

“Moreover Slattery suggested, according to one article, that opponents of the deal were doing so in part to ‘move the American Jewish vote and campaign contributions to the Republican column.’ This suggestion is disgusting, borderline anti-Semitic and deeply repugnant. Rep. Slattery should apologize immediately for even hinting that those of us against this are doing so on behalf of a ‘cadre of political operatives’ and for the purpose of currying favor with the so-called Israeli lobby.

“Opposition to this deal is only increasing, and includes over 60% of Americans and leading Democrats, including Senator Chuck Schumer. This broad opposition is solely based on the dangers to America presented by this deal. This kind of language, hinting that Jews are in control of American policy, has a long, nasty history and Rep. Slattery knows it. Using such terms as a political weapon is beneath the dignity of a good Christian man like Rep. Slattery. He should correct his statement and apologize to every Kansan, and indeed, every American, today.”