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TheChat: Ben Bradlee, a giant of American journalism, recalled

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“His spirit has been an inspiration to generations of journalists, demonstrating what our profession can achieve when it is led with courage and an unwavering commitment to truth.” — Martin Baron, executive editor of The Washington Post, on the passing of legendary editor Ben Bradlee.


“The news that the Obama Administration is already secretly preparing to grant amnesty to millions of illegals after this election is an outrage, and I will do everything in my power to stop it.” — Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts on Wednesday in response to a story that the Obama administration is moving ahead on plans to prepare millions of green cards.

The development is a sign that President Barack Obama is proceeding with his long-anticipated plan to issue an executive order on immigration reform most likely after the mid-term election. Roberts said again that the president is usurping congressional authority.

“A lot of people lose their jobs, lose their house, lose their pension. They get angry, understandably, and they tend to send people to represent them who are equally angry and having made up their mind ‘that these are the answers’ and ‘it’s going to be my way or the highway.'” — former Missouri Congressman Richard Gephardt, who ran for president twice, on why voters elect partisans to represent them.

Nevertheless, Gephardt thinks Congress’ hard edge is beginning to fade as many of those hard-core partisans retire from Congress or become more willing to compromise. He’s confident that the House and Senate will soon return to a more productive era. (link via

“Mister President, don't touch my girlfriend.” — Mike Jones to Obama after his fiance cast her vote in a booth next to the president’s in Chicago.

Obama didn’t miss a beat. “I really wasn't planning on it,” he told Jones. He then got back at Jones by giving his fiance a hug and a kiss after voting.