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WDAF-TV to get more than $75,000 from political ads during first World Series game

Correction: The U.S. Chamber political commercial is scheduled to run Wednesday, in Game 2 of the Series.


Kansas City’s Fox affiliate, WDAF-TV, will be paid at least $75,000 for political advertising during Tuesday’s first World Series game, FCC records show.

Freedom Partners Action Fund will each spend $30,000 for one 30-second spot during the first game of the Series. Both commercials are expected to oppose Greg Orman’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

The Pat Roberts campaign has purchased a 30-second spot for $15,000 — the rate is cheaper because of federal election law. Orman will have a 30-second commercial, as will Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback. The spots will also cost $15,000 each.

It doesn’t appear as if Democrat Paul Davis has purchased any World Series time, at least not yet.

The Kansas Values Institute, a group supporting Davis in the Kansas governor’s race, has bought time during a pregame show. The Republican Governors Assn, supporting Brownback, has also purchased time on a pre-game program.

The figures are contained in ad placements posted in the station’s FCC public inspection file, available at the FCC’s website.

And they may not be complete. Some filings may come in late, or an obscure group may have purchased time as well.

Political ads aren’t just restricted to baseball, of course. KVI and the RGA have purchased spots during the next Chiefs game, at $25,000 each.