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New John Brunner video demonstrates one thing: He’s ALL IN

The striking thing about a new John Brunner video released Tuesday isn’t what he says. It’s how he says it.

The 90-second film from the St. Louis businessman who has all but formally declared for the 2016 Missouri governor’s race contains some of the usual rhetoric about the need for jobs and for local control of schools.

And, of course, we’ve got to fix our roads.

But what catches the eye are the production values — the fades, the hand-held cameras and old-fashioned lighting. I mean, the video practically screams that Brunner wants to avenge his 2012 loss in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate (to Todd Akin) and do it right this time.

Never mind the cost.

Brunner, a man of means, was in what was primarily a three-horse race in 2012, and he’ll be in a six- or seven-candidate contest for the GOP nomination this time with stronger candidates. That’ll make things tougher.

Maybe that’s why he’s determined to up his game.

Check out the video here.