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Is he or isn’t he? Milton Wolf, c’mon down!


So where is this thing going?

Conservative Republican Milton Wolf continues to pound away on the Kansas GOP establishment with a series of high-octane charges. His Twitter feed on Monday sent followers to his website where the lead story had this headline:

“Weaponizing the Government: Laws violated, evidence destroyed, GOP insiders caught red-handed.”

The page — we think it’s a leftover from Wolf’s 2014 campaign — offers ways to make contributions to a candidacy that, apparently, doesn’t exist. “Join the Wolf Pack,” reads one exhortation.

IF Wolf is running again, he’d face Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran in the 2016 GOP primary. To that end, Wolf recently confronted Moran in Wamego, and it generated a boatload of headlines.

Wolf surely knew that a well-publicized confrontation would do just that. But he’s also knocked the media on Twitter, saying, “The press really should cover public corruption more than political confrontation.”

But the media seems to be having trouble buying some of Wolf’s claims.

So...what we’re left with is a confounding political stew. Is Wolf really setting up a second run in 2016? If so, he’s taking his sweet time launching another bid in a cycle when few tea party types, such as Wolf, are taking on GOP establishment candidates like Moran.

The tea party wave — along with its conservative donors — seems to have passed, at least for now.

Or has it in Kansas? Only Wolf seems to know the answer to that.