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TheChat: Government missteps make the Ebola crisis worse

Let’s go Royals!

“Now this health concern is more real than it would be if there wasn’t a sense that the government is just not being managed in a way that people would want it to be managed.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt on the Ebola crisis.

Because government isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing on a range of issues, worries over Ebola are heightened, Blunt said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” He said there’s a long list of issues where government has been one step behind, including the border with Mexico, the IRS and the Secret Service. (link courtesy of

“If we did that, I’d be out of a job.” — a Missouri motorist’s comment to state Auditor Tom Schweich about how a police officer who had stopped the motorist for speeding responded when told the speed limit sign was obscured and should be placed in a more visible position.

Schweich has announced an audit of 10 municipal courts to ensure that the courts are following a state law that limits the use of speeding tickets to pay city bills.

“He’s always wanted to do something big and have an impact.” — Mike Newcome, who was among the first salesman that independent Kansas Senate candidate Greg Orman hired at a lighting business.

Orman has had some impact all right. If he can get past Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts on election night, he’ll become one of the most high-profile senators in the country. You can imagine him on the cover of “People” and about every other magazine. He’d also start a new political trend. Independents will spring up all over the country to take a shot at incumbents.

“I, too, was almost humiliated to death.” —Monica Lewinsky in her first public speech in a decade Monday in Philadelphia.

Lewinsky said she went from a private figure to a publicly humiliated one overnight and was the first person to have her reputation destroyed on the Internet. She said she slipped into a deep sense of shame and suicidal thoughts.