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The mystery of Tom Dempsey’s next job comes to a screeching halt

Former Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey will go to work for...Rex.

That’s Rex as in Rex Sinquefield, the super-rich, super-conservative GOP benefactor who contributes lavish sums to favored Republican candidates.

Dempsey will work as a partner and director of business development for the Gate Way Group, which is a division of Pelopidas, it was announced on Wednesday. Gateway is Sinquefield’s lobbying arm. Pelopidas does his political work.

“Tom has a track record for negotiating high-profile public policy issues as a top leader in the House and Senate,” David Jackson, Gate Way’s managing partner, said in a statement.

Specifically, Dempsey will work on giving Gate Way a multi-state reach with the ability to lobby the federal government.

Critics will say Dempsey, who quit the Senate part-way through his term, has cashed in. Backers will say that he’s taking advantage of a rare opportunity. Both sides will agree that Dempsey is probably going to make a ton of money.