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Trump triumphs in new Missouri poll; Hillary Clinton cruises past Bernie Sanders

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, after the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, after the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. AP

Donald Trump reigns in Missouri, at least right now.

A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows him leading the Republican field in the state with 23 percent to 11 percent each for Jeb Bush and Ben Carson.

Mike Huckabee got 10 percent to 9 percent for Ted Cruz, 8 percent for Scott Walker, 7 percent for Carly Fiorina, 6 percent for Marco Rubio and 4 percent each for John Kasich and Rand Paul.

Other candidates are at 1 percent or less: Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and George Pataki. Jim Gilmore and Lindsey Graham have no supporters.

From PPP’s news release:

What really stands out in the numbers is how broad Trump's support is- he leads with moderates (25%), 'somewhat liberal' voters (23%), and 'very conservative' voters (20%) alike. He is a lot stronger with men (30%) but he leads with women too at 16%. He's particularly strong with young voters (32%) but also leads with middle aged voters (21%) and seniors (17%). Every group we track he has the lead with on this poll.

Our findings in Missouri also reinforce some of what we found in Iowa over the weekend:

-- Carly Fiorina is on the rise. Her 7% showing moves her up to 7th place in the GOP standings, and she has a solid 50/18 favorability rating.

-- Rand Paul is really falling apart. His favorability is under water with Missouri Republicans at 36/44, and only 4% support him for the nomination. It used to be that Chris Christie was the only major candidate we found with negative favorability numbers within the primary electorate, but Paul's joined him on that list.

-- There might not be anyone worse off than Christie though. He has a 28/51 favorability rating and now polls at just 1% for the nomination, the same thing we found for him in Iowa.

-- With a 71/20 favorability rating Mike Huckabee is by far the most broadly liked of the Republican candidates in Missouri. But it still doesn't translate to much support for the nomination. His opportunity may have passed in 2012. Also near the top of the favorability heap are Marco Rubio (60/18), Ben Carson (57/14), and Ted Cruz (57/19).

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton leads with 53% to 25% for Bernie Sanders, 5% each for Martin O'Malley and Jim Webb, and 1% for Lincoln Chafee.

Clinton has dominant leads in the state with 'very liberal' voters (72/21), 'somewhat liberal' ones (57/31), women (57/19), African Americans (64/11), white voters (52/28), and seniors (63/12).

Sanders also trails but at least keeps Clinton under 50% with moderates (45/22), men (48/32), and younger voters (47/28). Clinton doing better with 'very liberal' voters than moderates is a departure from most states but is likely a function of non-Democratic voters being able to vote in the Democratic primary in Missouri since it's an open primary state and not being favorable toward her.

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