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Sly James’ campaign committee closes its books

Mayor Sly James
Mayor Sly James RICH SUGG/Kansas City Star

Kansas City Mayor Sly James has closed his campaign committee.

In papers filed in late July with the Missouri Ethics Commission, and amended Monday, Sly James for Mayor said it raised $1,038,704 for his re-election effort. It spent $947,381 and gave $105,504 to other committees and candidates.

Astute readers will notice the committee’s contributions and spending exceed its fundraising by about $14,000. It’s not immediately clear how that could be so. It’s possible some bills for his first election came in after the re-election committee began raising funds.

Calls to the treasurer and deputy treasurer were not answered. In any event, the termination filing shows a zero balance for the committee.

UPDATE: The campaign says it had about $15,000 in the bank on election night in 2011. That money went to pay bills that came in after that night, so they were paid by the re-election committee. As we guessed.

James’ decision to close his committee apparently means he won’t be raising money through it to give to other candidates, as some campaigns have done. He is also debt-free, at least for his campaign.

UPDATE: Missouri law allows James to keep his candidate committee open until the end of his second term. To raise additional money, though, he would have had to declare for another office.