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Did Jerry Moran work with Jeff Roe?

Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Ks.
Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Ks. Pete Marovich/MCT

Did well-known political consultant Jeff Roe work for Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas in 2010?

Potential GOP Senate candidate Milton Wolf made the claim in tweets posted Monday:

Wolf’s claim is based on a Wikipedia page. The record appears more murky.

Federal Election Commission records from the 2010 cycle show no payments from the Moran campaign to Roe or his company, Axiom Strategies. They also show no contributions from Roe to Moran. That suggests Moran is accurate when he says he did not hire Roe.

In 2010, though, Roe claimed to have done some work for the Moran effort against Todd Tiahrt in the GOP primary.

Here’s how we quoted Roe in 2010:

“These guys have been fighting this campaign out for the last eight years,” said local political consultant Jeff Roe, who said he’s done limited work for the Moran campaign. “So they’ve had a long time to learn to hate each other.”

And: “Jerry Moran (was) a common-sense, conservative, plain-spoken man for western Kansas. Tiahrt (was) a touch more ideologue, from Wichita, with an aggressive posture and base,” said political consultant Jeff Roe, who worked with Moran. “The die was cast from that beginning.”

Neither Moran nor Roe disputed the quotes at the time of their publication.

Roe is an occasional, informal adviser to many Republican campaigns. It’s possible in 2010 he was an adviser to people working with Moran, but that Moran never officially hired the consultant.

Moran’s main consulting firm in 2010 was Singularis. Its consultants don’t work very often with Roe.

Here’s a video of the Moran-Wolf confrontation Monday in Wamego: