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TheChat: Pat Roberts sees no upside in proposed new climate plan


▪  “This rule amounts to all pain and no gain.” — Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts on Monday speaking about the Obama administration’s big new climate change plan.

Roberts, a Republican, said as long as other large developing nations like China, India, Russia and Brazil continue increasing their carbon emissions each year, the U.S. is wasting its time addressing the issue. Proponents say, well, we’ve got to start somewhere.

▪ “This debate is going to be a media spectacle more than an exchange of arguments and ideas.” — Robert Rowland, a KU communication studies professor, on Thursday’s big first GOP presidential debate.

The prime-time gathering will feature at least 10 candidates and, yes, it’s going to be a scrum. If you’re looking for nuance Thursday night, you’re wasting your time.

▪  “If it weren’t for Bob, the Dole Institute would not exist.” — former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole on the passing of former KU Chancellor Robert Hemenway.

It was Hemenway, Dole said, who convinced Dole to locate the institute at KU. Dole’s hometown of Russell had lobbied hard for it. Hemenway also picked Bill Lacy as the center’s first director.

▪ “Many of us are (conflicted). It’s hard.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, on the proposed nuclear deal with Iran.

She said she believes the next Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer of New York, is struggling with the issue and will be unable to sway Democrats on something this controversial. (link via