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Milton Wolf says he’s been cleared by Kansas Board of Healing Arts



Republican Milton Wolf said Monday the Kansas Board of Healing Arts has cleared him of wrongdoing a year after an investigation into his conduct went public.

In his 2014 Senate campaign, The Topeka Capital -Journal reported that Wolf had posted macabre images of gunshot victims on social media. Wolf is a Johnson County radiologist.

The board’s executive director, Kathleen Selzler Lippert, declined comment Monday evening, citing state law that prohbits acknowledgement that a complaint had been received.

As of Monday night, no documentation about the status of Wolf’s case had been provided to The Buzz. In a news release, Wolf’s attorney, Mark Stafford, said the case was closed.

“I am very pleased to announce that the Board finally closed Dr. Wolf’s inquiry without any findings of wrongdoing,” Stafford said. “This was proper based upon the facts. His reputation should be built upon his professional skills and his devotion to his patients. It’s frustrating that justice is often delayed, but in our system ultimately the truth must prevail.”

Stafford is a former Healing Arts board lawyer.

Wolf has not ruled out a second run for the Senate next year against incumbent and fellow Republican Jerry Moran. Wolf has been highly critical of Moran and fellow Sen. Pat Roberts on social media over a range of issues. Roberts defeated Wolf in the 2014 GOP primary.

In the statement, Wolf said he wasn’t done with the matter.

“In the coming days and weeks, Kansas Republicans will learn the details of corruption within our own party,” he said.

“When they see the abuse of power, the disregard of law, the depth of dishonesty, and the heights to which this reaches -- all so a group of failed career politicians could cling to power -- I suspect Kansans will recoil in disgust, and then grab their pitchforks. But for today, I am going to celebrate with family and friends that the truth has finally prevailed.”

He added:

“It's time we stand up to these bullies in Washington and Topeka, both Democrats and Republicans, who are ruining our country and our state. They did everything they could to destroy me but they failed. I’m still standing and I won't back down.”