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TheChat: Kansas Democratic leader dresses down Gov. Sam Brownback

Good morning.

▪ “A cowardly way out.” — Kansas Senate Democratic leader Anthony Hensley reacting to the news that Gov. Sam Brownback won’t be present Thursday when his administration announces $50 million in spending cuts.

Instead, budget director Shawn Sullivan will lay out the reductions during a news conference. The cuts are needed to balance the current state budget.

▪ “Obviously, something’s going to have to give in Missouri, or we’re going to be left even further behind.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill on the shaky state of highway funding in her home state.

The issue is that state funding for roads and bridges is so short that Missouri soon will no longer qualify for federal dollars. Missourians need to be presented with funding alternatives “and allow them to choose which is the most desirable,” the Democrat said. (link via

▪  “It's time to make it a felony to sell baby organs in Missouri.” — GOP gubernatorial candidate Catherine Hanaway speaking in Columbia this week about the penalty for selling aborted fetus remains.

Currently in Missouri, selling such body parts is a misdemeanor, not a felony. In response to the latest controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood, Hanaway wants to up the punishment.

▪ “Marijuana is against the law in the states and it should be enforced in all 50 states.” — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate, on Wednesday.

Earlier this week in New Hampshire, Christie had warned that if people enjoy getting high in Colorado that they should enjoy it now. “As of January 2017, I will enforce the federal laws,” he said. On Wednesday, Christie was doubling down on those remarks.