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Jay Nixon (finally) opens his wallet (a little) for his fellow Dems

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, on Wednesday gave $50,000 to state Democrats, bringing his total for the cycle to $75,000.

The governor also has helped a few Democrats raise money at fundraisers.

Consider that a start for the governor. His hesitancy to donate more generously to members of his party, who are now in the deep, dark minority in both chambers of the General Assembly, has become a source of unrelenting frustration for Democrats.

On Wednesday, Nixon reported nearly $350,000 in his campaign account. Term limits bar the governor from seeking a third term.

The November election is now just 19 days off.

Also on Wednesday, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, also a Democrat, donated $50,000 to the same Democratic Party committee. That brings her total donations for the year to Missouri Democrats to at least $440,000.

Attorney General Chris Koster, who has his eyes on the governor’s office in 2016, has donated at least $200K to his fellow Democrats.

Given the donations from McCaskill and Koster, Nixon’s $50,000 may not stop the grousing. After all, he’s the governor who has the most to lose with a General Assembly dominated by Republicans who can override his vetoes.

Remember last month at the veto session when Republicans overrode the governor so many times it was hard to keep track of them all?