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TheChat: Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran wants more clarity before the country goes to war

Good morning.

▪ “We haven’t had presidents for a long time who have said what we might need before we go to war.” — Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran, a Republican, saying that the nation’s chief executives need to be more honest with the country about the costs of war.

He said the failure of presidents to level with the American people results in a loss of interest in foreign conflicts. He also went after Congress, saying it has fallen short of its obligation to declare war.

▪ “We are going in the tank, and I am very worried for our state.” — Kansas state Rep. Barbara Bollier, a Mission Hills Republican, decrying the outcome of the 2015 session of the Kansas Legislature.

At a meeting of the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, Bollier criticized a lack of leadership from Gov. Sam Brownback and the House and Senate’s top guns. She said the Legislature’s work ran counter to the needs of business leaders. “It’s going to take us years to get out of this,” she said of the state’s finances.

▪  “It is vitally important to protect your vote.” — Missouri Secretary of State candidate Jay Ashcroft, a Republican, in a visit to St. Joseph last week talking about the need for a voter ID law in the state.

Ashcroft, the son of the former Missouri governor and U.S. attorney general, is on the political comeback trail after a losing state Senate bid last year. He’s sounding tough on voter fraud as the basis of his campaign. Democrats continue to insist that voter fraud is a non-issue.

▪ “Nikki showed leadership in this instance, and she represents a new Republican face in the South.” — GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, who managed John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid, on South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s handling of the Confederate flag flap.

Haley’s timing is pretty good. The next Republican presidential nominee will need a vice president, and Haley’s stock just shot up.