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Milton Wolf still not shutting the door to another U.S. Senate race in 2016


Milton Wolf, the Johnson County radiologist who gave Sen. Pat Roberts a stiff challenge last year, is still eye-balling another run in 2016.

He told Politico this week that he continues to weigh a second campaign, this one against Kansas’ other U.S. senator, Jerry Moran.

Wolf’s interest runs counter to the sudden lack of interest among tea partiers when it comes to challenging incumbent Senate Republicans. That’s happened a lot in recent years, and the GOP has paid a steep price for the intra-party fights.

But so far, 2016 Republican primary challenges have dropped off the table.

In an email exchange with Politico, Wolf criticized Moran for his positions on taxes and spending and how he oversaw the National Republican Senatorial Committee last year, especially when it came to the NRSC’s work to shore up incumbent Thad Cochran in Mississippi. Cochran faced a fierce tea party challenger.

“I have not yet reached a decision about 2016 but I am hearing from fired-up Kansas Republicans across the state who are fed up with the failed and feckless career politicians who are tarnishing our party at both the federal and state levels,” Wolf wrote.

Moran would be a different type of challenge for Wolf. Roberts was vulnerable because critics said he had lost touch with the state. Moran has worked hard to tend to the home fires.

Moran defended his NRSC work to Politico.

“We had significant success in getting a Republican majority,” Moran said in an interview.

The clock is ticking on Wolf, who would seemingly have to get into the race soon to raise the money he’d need to fund another statewide campaign. Lately, Wolf has focused his attention on a Board of Healing Arts inquiry over his use of Facebook several years ago.