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TheChat: Republicans are pressuring AG Chris Koster to defend Missouri law that bans same-sex marriage

It’s a Royal blue Friday. Get psyched, gang.

“Chris Koster has a duty to defend our state’s constitution, whether he personally agrees with it or not.” — Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones in a statement requesting that the attorney general defend the state constitution’s definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Koster said Monday he won’t challenge a Kansas City judge’s ruling that requires Missouri to recognize same-sex marriages from other states. But that isn’t stopping GOP lawmakers in the state from pressuring Koster to do otherwise. “He cannot just abandon his duties when they are politically inconvenient, and I think it is disgraceful that he is attempting to do so,” Jones said. Koster backs gay marriage, though he has promised to defend laws that he opposes. But Koster also is running for governor of Missouri as a Democrat, and Democrats will want to back a governor who is pro-gay marriage. With Sen. Claire McCaskill standing in the wings, hinting that she might run for governor in 2016, Koster is under increasing pressure to stand up for Democratic principles. (link via

“Enjoy your Tea Party crazy friends.” — former Kansas state Sen. Audrey Langworthy, a Prairie Village Republican, in a note to U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts after Roberts talked about working with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on shutting down the government over Obamacare.

Langworthy, who once backed Roberts, never sent the letter, but says she can no longer back the senator in his race for re-election this year. Roberts, a Republican, has pulled even or ahead of independent candidate Greg Orman in polls out this week.

“Does the department have a written protocol for actions to take in the event a person in Missouri is diagnosed with Ebola...?” — Missouri state Rep. Jay Barnes, a Jefferson City Republican, in a recent letter to the state Department of Health and Senior Services.

Officials everywhere are getting nervous about this disease. Barnes’ letter included a host of other questions, too, including how the department would coordinate its actions with the Centers for Disease Control and how the department would notify the general public.

“There is a reason that seven other cities are working to import this initiative into their local governments.” — Kansas City Mayor Sly James talking about the Women’s Empowerment Initiative launched last year aimed at ensuring that the city supports women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

James calls the initiative the first of its kind in the nation. Among the milestones achieved are those dealing with child care, breast feeding and mentors.