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Mystery groups dominating Kansas airwaves in race for governor

Two vaguely named entities are blitzing TV screens with millions spent on thousands of spots

The non-partisan Center for Public Integrity reported Thursday that a pair of “vaguely named entities” have dominating TV airways in Kansas, spending more than $3 million on about 7,000 ads in the governor’s race.

The ads both back and criticize Gov. Sam Brownback, who’s seeking re-election against Democrat Paul Davis.

From the story:

Who funds these groups remains largely a mystery. The groups, nonprofits exempt from paying taxes, are not required to disclose their donors in Kansas and most other states.

One group called the Alliance for Freedom, a Virginia-based conservative nonprofit, sponsored ads touting Brownback’s accomplishments as governor. Kansas Values Institute, a group run by two former Republican state legislators but backed in part by a teacher’s union, began airing ads attacking Brownback’s record on education and economic policy soon after the August primary election.

Neither group responded to requests for comment.