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Chastain as KC mayor? Residency definition will get a workout

America’s tangled understanding of “residency” in a political context may soon get another workout.

We’ve seen it in the Pat Roberts Senate campaign in Kansas. Almost four years ago there was a major residency battle in Kansas City’s 3rd council district.

Monday Clay Chastain said he’s a candidate for Kansas City, Mo. mayor. Here’s what the charter requires for mayoral candidates:

1) Be a qualified voter of the City

2) Current on all city taxes or municipal user fees

3) Be at least 25 years old on Election Day

4) Resided a total of at least five years before Election Day, including the two years immediately prior to Election Day, in the territory embraced within the City limits.

Has Chastain lived within Kansas City’s city limits since April 2013?

He appears to believe the answer is yes:

“I work outside Kansas City like a lot of other people,” his statement said, “but I am a registered voter of Kansas City; share ownership of a residence in Kansas City; have been a community activist in Kansas City for 24 years; and almost my entire family still lives in Kansas City; so I would love to return working in Kansas City as our next mayor.”