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Brandon Ellington confronts GOP lawmaker involved in salute to Confederate flag


State Rep. Brandon Ellington, the Kansas City Democrat, on Monday said he found it “incredibly disheartening” that a Republican colleague had participated in a ceremony Saturday that included a salute to the Confederate flag.

Ellington, who heads the Legislative Black Caucus, said Rep. Chuck Basye, a Columbia Republican, had taken part in the Rocheport ceremony that included what Ellington described as the unveiling of a new monument to treasonous Confederate Army soldiers.

“As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, it’s incredibly disheartening to read that...Basye took part in a misguided ceremony to lift up treasonous Confederate guerrillas and even saluted the Confederate flag. Rep. Basye’s participation in this celebration of the Confederacy was hurtful and wrong.

“The massacre of nine innocent Americans during a bible study last Wednesday should remind us all that the Confederate flag remains a symbol of hate, and racism is real. That is why wise leaders from across the political spectrum are calling for South Carolina to remove the Confederate flag from its place of dishonor.

“I encourage Rep. Basye to think about what his celebration of the Confederacy and salute to the Confederate flag says to his constituents, and invite him to join with us in confronting the racism and mistreatment of our fellow Americans.”

No response yet to an email to Basye seeking comment.