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Hey, Heather Hall: Where art thou?


Heather Hall isn’t talking — at least not much when it comes to media interviews these days.

Her rival, Kansas City Council incumbent Dick Davis, has taken note.

In a statement Thursday, Davis spokesman Steve Glorioso noted that Hall refused an appearance on “Up to Date,” the radio show hosted by yours truly. The show has hosted a pair of in-house debates in recent days, and sought one between Hall and Davis.

“Voters ought to hear why she wants to go to City Hall to oppose Mayor James,” Glorioso said. “How in the world does she think she can get things done for the Northland, like Dick Davis has, while fighting with the mayor on his plans to fight crime, increase basic services, and improve education?"

One key issue Hall has sidestepped is whether she’d support an extension of the one-cent earnings tax when it comes up for renewal. The earnings tax finances a host of city services.

Davis’ camp links Hall with the tea party.