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Women picking up their checkbooks on behalf of Hillary


Years ago, I attended a conference and heard former Colorado Rep. Pat Schroeder speak, where she bemoaned the sorry state of women political donors.

Her point: Women just don’t give much. They weren’t accustomed to giving.

There were lots of reasons for that, of course. Among them was that women hadn’t been raised in a culture where giving to political candidates was considered acceptable.

Schroeder’s second point: This was holding back women candidates when it came to running for the White House and other high offices.

Schroeder, now 74, would know. She ran for president, briefly, in 1988.

All this is prelude to the news Monday that more than 60 percent of Hillary Clinton’s donors are women, according to her campaign. If that holds, she’ll top the mark that Barack Obama set in 2012 when 47 percent of his donors were women.

Women aren’t all the way in the game yet. In the last presidential campaign, they comprised just 27.1 percent of all contributions over $200.