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Orman: I would give presidents latitude to pick their teams

Greg Orman, the independent U.S. Senate candidate in Kansas, told The Star’s Editorial Board Monday that he could not name a Supreme Court justice that he would have opposed had he been in office.

He said he would approach the job of confirming presidential judicial nominations “similar to how I would think about hiring an executive.”

The key, the Olathe businessman said, is to make sure the nominee is capable, competent and prudent. Orman added that he would review a nominee’s prior writings to ensure that the candidate was logical and “capable of the job.

“Obviously we have seen a wide spectrum of judges make it onto the bench,” he said. “I think the judges that are on there right now generally speaking meet those standards, even though they have very different views of politics and policy.

“Generally speaking, I think we need to be in a position where we’re getting people on the bench who are bright, intelligent and qualified jurists. I don’t know that there any one of them that I would say are disqualified from that standard. I would not have a litmus test for my vote on the Supreme Court.”

Asked about the next attorney general to succeed Eric Holder, Orman said he believes that president “should be able to put their team together.

“So whether the president is a Republican or a Democrat, I’m going to give deference to their nominees and allow them to choose their team,” he said. “And it really would only be in the instance where there’s a significant red flag where I’d stand up and say, `We really need to rethink this.’”